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The Holy Trinity Cathedral in the historic center of Liepaja is celebrating its 260 years of continuous service in 2018. It is one of the most important monuments of culture in Latvia and home for the largest mechanical organ in the world. The church and the 55 meter high tower are open to the public and welcomes more than 30 000 visitors every year.

Church hosts a wide variety of music and arts events and is well known among the local society as a place where everyone is welcomed. The church was founded as German Evangelical Lutheran Church. Today worships in Holy Trinity Cathedral Liepāja are held for Latvian Lutheran congregation in Latvian as well as for the small German community in German.

To preserve the building of the church for the next generations a Liepāja Holy Trinity Church Renovation Fund has been established 2006. Since that big documentation, preservation, renovation and restoration work has been done. In June 2018 the restoration of the facade (including the church facades, tower facades, restoration of windows and doors, restoration of sandstone sculptures) has started. We welcome you to follow the progress of the project and donate to make the project complete. The implementation period of the project is 2018 – 2020, total costs 1 176 471,00 EUR.

‍The unforeseen reinforcement of the church tower to prevent it from collapsing costed 87 613 EUR. During 2019 Liepāja Holy Trinity Church Revonation Fund managed to find 35 000 EUR to cover these additional but very necessary costs. The project was was financially supported by the National Heritage Board, the City of Liepaja and Vereingte Kurländische Stiftungen e.V. Another 32,613 EUR is required to fully cover the costs of the fortified and restored tower.


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