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 Liepāja Holy Trinity Cathedral

ANNO 1758


The ancient church is an outstanding sample of the architecture of Baroque era, one of the most impressive historical buildings in Liepāja.

Liepāja Holy Trinity Cathedral is a cultural tourism object of an international significance. The number of visitors to the cathedral increases already 30,000 guests per year from Latvia and abroad.

On July 19, 1742, the foundation stone was laid and the church was named Holy Trinity.

On December 5, 1758, the construction work was completed and the church was solemnly consecrated.

The construction plan of the building was prepared by Master Mason Johan Christoph Dorn from Konigsberg. The pilasters, eaves, window ledges and portals of the church were chiselled from Gotland sandstone; the façade originally was made of small-sized yellow bricks, so called Dutch bricks.

In 1866, in compliance with the original project, the third level of the tower was built and also the fourth one was assembled from metal constructions. The tower  - landmark of the city - is almost 55 metres high, and it overlooks the panorama- the city between the lake and sea.

In the 60s of the 19th century, the façade was plastered with Roman cement, so the church obtained its current “grey” image.

In 20th century steam central heating was built and electric lighting installed. 

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