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Board is an executive body of the Fund, composed of three members:

  • Anita Brantevica
  • Solvita Kaņevska
  • ‍Sandra Vensko

 Council of the Fund

Council of the Fund is a governing body supervising the activities of the Board, composed of:

 Chairman of the Council:

  • Hanss Martins Jensons, Bishop of Liepāja

 Members of the Council:

  • Romāns Ganiņš, Secretary of the LELB General Board
  • Ingrid Müller, Member of the Synodal Commission of the German Evangelic Lutheran Church in Latvia
  • Pēteris Kalks, Dean of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Liepaja
  • Anita Brantevica, Head of the Congregation of the Church of the Holy Trinity of Liepaja
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